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Mount Panorama Circuit - Bathurst - October 2018

I got hooked on motorsports pretty soon after we moved to Australia, with the V8s being the reason...  There's something about the way these guys drive.  Perfectly executed craziness. The more than occasional "love tap" between rivals.  The crazy aero fixes using a sheet of sticky tape.  The unfortunate mechanical failure or two affecting the crowd favourite.  The speed.  The deafening sound.  The tactics.  The friendship between racing enemies.  Dressing in your favourite team's kit.  The passionate rivalry between Holden and Ford fans.  The emotions.  The banter.  The "sophisticated" people you meet next to you at the track. 


I love this event! Watching a 1000kms of racing isn't everyone's idea of a fun day out... Put me down for 2!  I'll be back!

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