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There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself.



Ernst Haas

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About me

I grew up in Witbank, a small town in South Africa. I studied education after school and was a primary school teacher for almost 10 years. During my first year of teaching, I came across an organisation called Land Service and it quickly became a huge part of my life. With Land Service I was able to share my love for nature, for my Creator, for labour and for my neighbour with hundreds of kids. We did a lot of community service work, teaching children how to look after and protect our wonderful planet. Not only did Land Service shape the lives of the children that attended our camps, but it also shaped and changed my life in so many ways, giving me confidence and teaching me what I want out of life.


I was single for most of my twenties, and then at 29 this beautiful human came into my life, and with him, he brought an extra camera! In the beginning, I would just watch him take photos, in awe at how he performs behind the camera and what he produces in the end. I felt so unsure with the camera in my own hands, but it soon became a very addictive hobby. I wanted to be a part of this adventure, I also wanted to capture these moments and freeze them in time.

Early 2016 I left teaching to pursue a career as a curriculum developer and also started with a bit of graphic design. We were married in June of 2016 and moved to Australia early in 2017. This is where my own passion for photography really took off - how can it not, living in such a beautiful country? Being unsure about my next career move and being bored at home, I enrolled in an online photography course and was happy using Stefan's "hand me down's" whenever he bought himself a new camera or lens (off course I encouraged him to buy new ones so I could upgrade as well - best wife ever). Now I own my very first NEW camera, a gift from my husband. 

There is nothing better in this world than sharing a hobby with your best friend. We have so many adventures together and I look forward to many more. 

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